Unrestricted compulsory education for ukrainian children: what will change from the 2021/22 school year??

As of the 2021/22 school year, full compulsory education will apply in Ukraine for all children between the ages of 6 and 17 – regardless of their nationality, residency status or origin.

This change is a decisive step towards improving the educational situation in Ukraine and should help to ensure that no child is excluded from attending school.

The new regulation means that all children in Ukraine must attend school from the coming school year – even if they have not yet been enrolled in school or if they have not yet been able to produce the necessary documents.

Through the unrestricted compulsory education, all children in Ukraine should have the same opportunities for a good education and thus better prospects for the future. However, the implementation of this regulation will be a challenge, as there have been repeated problems in the past with the enrollment of children with a migration background or without papers.

It remains to be seen how successful the implementation of full compulsory education will be. But one thing is certain: the new regulation is an important step towards equal opportunities and integration in Ukraine.

Compulsory school attendance for Ukrainian children

From the new school year, full compulsory education will be introduced for Ukrainian children. This regulation means that all children of compulsory school age must attend a general education school. There is no longer an exception for children with a migrant background or from disadvantaged families. Pupils must attend classes regularly and provide evidence of achievement.

This decision was made by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science to ensure that every child receives an appropriate education. The government recognizes the importance of education for the future of the country and wants to ensure that no child grows up without education.

Unrestricted compulsory education for ukrainian children: what will change from the 2021/22 school year??
  • All children are required to attend school
  • There are no exceptions for migrant or disadvantaged families
  • Regular attendance at classes and proof of performance are required

The new regulation also has an impact on parents. They are responsible for ensuring that their children attend and successfully participate in classes. If parents do not comply with this obligation, they may be subject to penalties.

Overall, full compulsory education is a positive measure for the future of Ukraine. It gives all children the opportunity to receive a good education and prepare for a successful future.

Reasons for the change

The Ukrainian government has decided to introduce full compulsory education for Ukrainian children starting with the new school year. But why was the regulation changed?

One reason for the change could be to improve educational opportunities for children. Until now, many children were exempt from compulsory education, resulting in a high level of illiteracy and a shortage of skilled workers. By making schooling compulsory, the government hopes that more children will receive an education and thus strengthen the country in the long term.

Furthermore, the change in regulation could also be politically motivated. Ukraine has been struggling with political unrest and conflict with Russia for years, which has also impacted the education sector. Unrestricted compulsory education can help ensure that children receive an education, regardless of their background, and thus also ensure a more peaceful coexistence of society in the long term.

  • Improving educational opportunities
  • Strengthening the country
  • Politically motivated
  • Promoting more peaceful coexistence

All in all, it can be said that the change of the regulation on unrestricted compulsory education in Ukraine can be quite useful and important. Better education for children can increase both individual and societal opportunities.

The challenges of full compulsory education for Ukrainian children

Starting with the new school year, Ukraine has finally decided to introduce full compulsory education for all children. However, it is not always easy to make this step, as there are many challenges that need to be overcome.

One of the challenges is that many children from poorer families often do not own or cannot afford school supplies. This is a major obstacle for many families to send their children to school. The government must ensure that every child can receive the necessary school materials to help them access education.

Unrestricted compulsory education for ukrainian children: what will change from the 2021/22 school year??

Other challenges can occur when it comes to access to schools in remote areas. Many children have to travel long distances to get to school, which can sometimes be very dangerous. The government should ensure that every student is able to reach their school safely and on time.

  • Another challenge is teachers, who are often not sufficiently trained to meet the needs of students. The government must do more to ensure that teachers are properly trained for their tasks.
  • Another problem may be that many schools are already full, which can be a challenge for many new students. Government agencies must ensure that every school has enough space for all students.

To overcome the challenges of introducing full compulsory education for Ukrainian children, it is necessary to make joint efforts of politicians, educators, families and communities. Everyone must do their part so that every child in Ukraine has access to education.

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