Over 100 years of experience in cleaning in cologne

Cologne is one of the largest cities in Germany and has a rich history and culture. There are countless buildings and landmarks that make the city a popular tourist destination. And all these buildings need to be cleaned regularly to stay clean and well maintained.

Our company has been providing professional building cleaning services in Cologne for over 100 years. We have a long tradition in this industry and pride ourselves on providing the highest quality and reliability to our customers.

Our company has grown and evolved over the past 100 years to meet the needs of our customers. We use only the latest cleaning products and equipment to ensure a thorough and effective clean.

Over 100 years of experience in cleaning in cologne

We always strive to provide excellent service to our customers. Our goal is to cater to the individual needs of each client and provide a customized cleaning solution. With our experience and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we are your ideal partner for commercial cleaning in Cologne.

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Our eventful history in the cleaning of buildings

We have been doing commercial cleaning in Cologne for over 100 years and are proud of our many years of experience. Our history began in 1919, when our company was founded as a family business. We have continued to evolve since then and are now a leader in the commercial cleaning industry.

Throughout our long history, we have become accustomed to adapting to the needs of our customers. We offer innovative cleaning methods, environmentally friendly cleaning agents and modern technologies such as robotics or augmented reality to improve our services and at the same time preserve our environmental footprint.

  • Modernization of cleaning services
  • Wide range of cleaning services, from window cleaning to carpet cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Innovative cleaning methods

Our goal is to provide each client with the best possible cleaning services while building a trusting relationship over the long term. We are proud to be able to guarantee a high level of expertise and quality through our many years of experience in commercial cleaning.

Our approach has made us a leading brand in the commercial cleaning market. We are convinced that our experience in galvanization and controlled atmosphere solutions will also benefit commercial cleaning services. We look forward to continuing to provide the best cleaning services to our customers in Cologne, Germany.

Professional commercial cleaning in Cologne

We have been providing professional commercial cleaning services to our private and business customers in Cologne for over a century. Our services include cleaning offices, stairwells, windows, carpets and upholstered furniture. We use state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning agents to achieve clean and hygienic results.

Our experienced team consists of trained cleaners who get the job done quickly, efficiently and reliably. We are known for our high quality and friendly employees who are always available to answer questions and address concerns. With us, you receive individual advice and a customized cleaning concept that is tailored to your specific wishes and needs.

In addition to building cleaning, we also offer other services such as garden maintenance and winter services. We will take care of the regular maintenance of your garden, mowing the lawn, trimming hedges and removing weeds. In winter, we ensure that your paths and parking lots are cleared of snow and ice, making them safe to walk on for everyone.

Over 100 years of experience in cleaning in cologne
  • Cleaning of offices, staircases, windows, carpets and upholstered furniture
  • Use of the most modern equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning agents
  • Experienced and trained team
  • Individual consultation and customized cleaning concept
  • Garden maintenance and winter service
Over 100 years of experience in commercial cleaning in cologne, germany

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Our convictions and standards in commercial cleaning in Cologne

As a company that has been in the building cleaning business in Cologne for more than 100 years, we have a firm conviction: Every customer deserves an individual and first-class cleaning solution.

To meet this goal, we rely on qualified employees, modern and environmentally friendly cleaning agents as well as innovative technologies and processes.

Our philosophy is not only to create a clean environment for our customers, but also to take care of the long-term value preservation of the buildings and facilities. We believe that regular cleaning can extend the life of buildings and facilities while contributing to the health and productivity of occupants.

  • Quality: We place the highest value on quality and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to understand the needs of our customers and deliver a cleaning solution tailored to them.
  • Sustainability: we consider sustainability as an important aspect of our work. Therefore, we rely on environmentally friendly cleaning agents and technologies to contribute to environmental protection.
  • Reliability: We keep our promises and always work efficiently and reliably. Our customers can rely on us to complete our work on time and to the highest quality standards.
  • Competence: As professionals in our field, we are qualified and have the necessary know-how to achieve the best results even in difficult situations.

Our experience and commitment to the highest standards in commercial cleaning have made us a trusted partner for numerous clients in Cologne and the surrounding area. Contact us and let us convince you of our quality and expertise!

Our experience and cooperation with customers

We have been providing high-quality work as a commercial cleaning company in Cologne for over 100 years. Our team consists of experienced and dedicated employees who always strive to provide the best possible service to our customers.

When working with our customers, we place great emphasis on open communication and close cooperation. This is the only way we can ensure that our customers’ needs and requirements are fully met.

  • We offer a wide range of cleaning services for businesses and individuals.
  • Our services include the cleaning of offices, staircases and facades, among others.
  • We attach great importance to the environment and sustainability and therefore use only environmentally friendly cleaning agents.
Over 100 years of experience in cleaning in cologne

Our many years of experience and our cooperation with our customers are the cornerstone of our success as a commercial cleaning company in Cologne. We are proud to have won the trust of our customers and look forward to a successful cooperation in the future.

Professional commercial cleaning for Cologne for over a century

Our company has been operating in Cologne for more than 100 years and has gained experience and competence over all these years. We offer customized solutions for building cleaning, taking into account your needs and wishes and always focusing on the highest quality and reliability.

Our services include office cleaning, window cleaning, staircase cleaning and much more. Whether it is a one-time cleaning or a regular cleaning service, we are here for you and will be happy to serve you.

Our team consists of experienced and professional cleaners who use the latest cleaning techniques and equipment. We work quickly, thoroughly and efficiently to ensure that all your requirements are met.

  • Tailored solutions to meet your needs
  • Experienced and professional cleaners
  • Use of the latest cleaning technology and equipment
  • Fast, thorough and efficient work

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