Investments show effect: serles lanes continue to rise

Investments show effect: serles lanes continue to rise

The Serlesbahnen in the Austrian Stubaital are an important tourist magnet. Those who want to get high up here usually use the cable cars to enjoy the breathtaking panorama from above. In recent years, however, the operating company has increasingly invested in the modernization of the facilities. The positive effects of these investments can now be clearly seen in the rising visitor numbers and turnover.

The company has managed to replace old cable cars with more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient models, thus also increasing the comfort and safety of guests. The investments in technology and infrastructure have thus paid off and in combination with the beautiful mountain scenery they attract more and more visitors.

The Serles lifts are a good example of how investments in tourism infrastructure can pay off in the long term. Especially in times when there is more competition than ever in the tourism sector, it is important to respond to guests’ wishes and to convince them with state-of-the-art facilities.

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The history of the Serles lifts

The Serles lifts were opened in 1964 and have been an important tourist attraction in Tyrol ever since. In the beginning, there was only one small cabin with a capacity of 32 people that took visitors to the top of the Serles mountain. In 1980, the Serles lifts were modernized and expanded to accommodate the increasing number of visitors.

With further investments and expansions in the following years, the capacity of the Serles lifts was increased to 800 people per hour. Today, the mountain has three modern cabins and a gondola lift that transport visitors to the summit in no time at all.

However, the Serles lifts are not only a popular tourist destination, but also an important economic factor for the region. By investing in the modernization and expansion of the lifts, they create jobs and contribute to the promotion of winter tourism. The latest figures show that the investments are paying off, as the Serles lifts have once again seen an increase in visitor numbers.

  • 1964: Opening of the Serles lifts
  • 1980: Modernization and expansion
  • 2010: Capacity increased to 800 people per hour
  • 2021: Increase in visitor numbers

The Serlesbahnen will continue to invest in the future in order to offer their visitors an unforgettable experience and to strengthen the regional economy.

Successes of the Serlesbahnen: Investments show effect!

The Serles lifts continue to grow and this is not just a coincidence. The investments of the last years finally show their effect. Thanks to modernized facilities and punctual service, the Serles lifts are becoming increasingly popular with skiers and hikers alike.

Renovations to the valley and mountain stations, as well as the slopes, have helped make the Serlesbahnen one of the most modern cable cars in Austria now. The Serles lifts are particularly popular with families. Here, the varied offer ensures a unique leisure experience. With child care in the valley station and specially designed slopes and lifts, every stay becomes a children’s pleasure. But also advanced skiers get their money’s worth on the numerous and challenging slopes.

  • new facilities
  • Renovation of the valley and mountain stations
  • modern ski slopes

But not only in winter, also in summer the Serles lifts can be enjoyed from their best side. Hikes and walks in the beautiful mountains around the Serles are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the modern cable cars you can reach the most beautiful places of the region effortlessly and quickly. In addition, the mountain world around the Serles offers a unique natural experience. The Serles lifts are therefore not only a pleasure for the whole family, but also a guarantee for unforgettable moments in nature.

Thanks to the successful implementation of the investments, the first successes have already been measured. The number of guests has increased significantly in recent years and interest in the Serles lifts continues to grow. What has been achieved motivates the company to continue investing and to secure the future of the Serlesbahnen.

Investments in the future lead to great success at Serlesbahnen

Serlesbahnen is a company that has been investing heavily in the future for years. These investments are now finally having an effect and the company continues to grow. The Serlesbahnen are a reliable partner in the winter sports season and offer numerous opportunities for skiers and snowboarders.

The investments are manifold and range from modern ski lifts to the expansion of the slopes and cross-country ski trails to an extensive leisure offer. The company has recognized that forward-looking investments are essential in order to remain competitive and continue to grow.

The Serles lifts are also an important employer in the region and contribute to the regional added value. By investing in the future, the company can offer its employees secure jobs and contribute to the creation of new jobs. The local economy is supported to a great extent by the Serles lifts.

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Wide range of entertainment options
  • Secure jobs for employees
  • Regional added value

Serlesbahnen has shown that investing in the future can lead to long-term success. The company offers its customers excellent services and has an enormous growth potential. Investments are essential to secure competitive advantages and to be successful also in the future.

Cooperation with the region bears fruit: Serles lifts record investment successes

Serlesbahnen, one of the best-known cable cars in Tyrol, is a prime example of how close cooperation with the region can help make investments a success.

The operators of the Serles lifts have invested considerably in their infrastructure since last year. New lifts, modernized mountain stations and improved slopes will ensure that the Serlesbahnen will continue to be one of the best ski resorts in Tyrol in the years to come.

Investments show effect: serles lanes continue to rise

An important factor in the success of Serles Railways is its close ties to the region. For example, the cable car operators work closely with local hotels and inns to offer guests an all-round vacation experience. In addition, the cable car also supports local institutions such as the local ski club in order to promote skiing in the region.

The investments of the Serlesbahnen show how important good cooperation with the region is in order to make investments a sustainable success. Only if all parties involved pull together, a project like the modernization of the Serles lifts can be successfully implemented.

Investments show effect: serles lanes continue to rise

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