E-learning company learnlight wins gold at learning technologies awards with deutsche telekom

The e-learning company Learnlight and its customer, Deutsche Telekom, won gold in the category “Best Use of Mobile Learning” at the Learning Technologies Awards Won.

E-learning company learnlight wins gold at learning technologies awards with deutsche telekom

This is a significant achievement for Learnlight, as it is one of the most prestigious industry awards for digital learning. The award recognizes Learnlight’s ability to leverage innovative technology in the e-learning space and develop a technology suite that meets the needs of customers in today’s fast-paced work environment.

Deutsche Telekom has commissioned Learnlight to support its employees in several countries with mobile-accessible language courses to strengthen their intercultural skills. The improved ability to communicate in different countries and cultures is of central importance for an international company like Deutsche Telekom.

It is also worth noting that Learnlight has already won the International E-Learning Award in silver this year.

The awards underscore Learnlight’s success and innovative approach to e-learning and can be seen as signs of an even more promising future for the company.

Award for exemplary digital education

It is a great success for Learnlight: Together with Deutsche Telekom, the company was awarded Gold at the Learning Technologies Awards. The awards are presented annually and recognize companies that excel in the field of digital education.

Learnlight convinced the jury with a comprehensive program that includes both interactive courses and individual coaching. The company relies on state-of-the-art technology as well as a wide range of content to enable a customized learning concept.

The award underscores Learnlight’s pioneering role in digital education and demonstrates the high quality of its offerings. The company is setting an example for forward-thinking education while making a clear recommendation for companies looking for a modern and effective learning platform.

  • Comprehensive program with interactive courses and individual coaching
  • State-of-the-art technology and a wide range of content
  • Tailor-made learning concept

Not only Learnlight and Deutsche Telekom are pleased with the award, but also the numerous companies that already use the digital education company’s offering. Because they know: With Learnlight, you are guaranteed an effective and sustainable learning platform.

Digital continuing education on the rise

Digitization has significantly changed and, above all, accelerated training over the last decade. Digital learning methods and tools enable companies to train their employees in a cost-effective way, independent of locations and with flexible schedules.

Recently, Learnlight, an innovative digital learning company, was awarded Gold at the Learning Technologies Awards, in partnership with Deutsche Telekom. The advantage of digital training is that it allows for high scalability, which means it can reach tens of thousands of employees at once.

Especially in today’s turbulent times, when changes happen fast and companies have to react quickly, fast and flexible training is necessary to stay competitive. Digital training and e-learning methods also offer the opportunity to tailor learning content more individually to the needs of employees.

  • Digitization in continuing education
  • Learning Technologies Awards
  • Deutsche Telekom as a partner
  • Cost-effective and time-flexible training
  • High scalability for companies of any size
  • Individual learning for each employee
E-learning company learnlight wins gold at learning technologies awards with deutsche telekom

Learnlight – the pioneer in digital education

Learnlight, a leading provider of language and soft skills training, has established itself as a pioneer in digital education. The company provides innovative solutions for businesses and individuals looking to adapt to digital transformation.

Learnlight relies on cutting-edge technologies and unique methods to create a personalized learning experience. The training can be done online, mobile or face-to-face and is perfectly adapted to the needs of the learners. Learnlight places particular emphasis on high quality and supports its customers with a dedicated customer service team.

  • Individual consulting: Learnlight develops customized concepts together with its customers to achieve optimal learning results.
  • Sustainability: Learnlight’s trainings are designed to have a lasting impact and support learners in the long term.
  • Innovation: Learnlight uses cutting-edge technologies and methods to create an innovative learning experience.

Learnlight’s quality and innovation was recognized again this year at the Learning Technologies Awards. In cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, Learnlight won the coveted Gold Award in the category “Excellence in the design of learning content – International commercial” win. The award recognizes Learnlight’s outstanding work and confirms the high quality of its learning content.

Future of education: The opportunities of digitization

The education world is facing major challenges in the digital era. The Corona pandemic has brought the issue of digitization in education to even greater prominence. Education providers and companies worldwide are increasingly turning to digital learning platforms to deliver educational content to their employees and learners.

Learnlight is a leading provider of language and software training for businesses. With their innovative digital learning platform, they convinced Deutsche Telekom and won the Learning Technologies Award in Gold. This award shows that the digitization of education is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity.

  • Digital learning platforms offer flexibility and mobility for learners
  • Digitization allows educational offerings to be better individualized
  • Digital media provides learners with extensive interaction and guidance, as well as an experiential and motivating learning environment

The digitization of education thus offers opportunities for high-quality and individualized education in a fast-moving and digitizing world. Companies and training providers should see digitization as an opportunity and take advantage of the resulting possibilities.

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