No more free space on your synology nas

Many people rely on network attached storage (NAS) devices to store and back up their important files. But when storage space is scarce, this can lead to big problems. In this article, we will explore what to do if you run out of storage space on your Synology NAS.

A Synology NAS offers many advantages, including high security, easy configuration, and sufficient storage capacity. However, it can be very frustrating when you run out of storage space, especially if you store important files on the device. If you are in this situation, there are a number of steps you can take to solve the problem.

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“Mister dna” retires: end of an era for innsbruck forensic medicine

Innsbruck Forensic Medicine has to say goodbye to one of its best-known employees: “Mister DNA” retires. With him, however, comes not only a longtime employee, but also the end of an era.

Over the decades, “Mister DNA” – real name Anton Hauser – has solved numerous criminal cases and played a central role in the process. The analysis of DNA traces and the assignment to crime suspects were significantly advanced by his work in forensic medicine.

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Proof-of-delivery – the most important thing in the delivery process

The proper delivery of goods and documents is a decisive factor for the success of business transactions and customer confidence. A Proof-of-Delivery (POD) is an indispensable tool to document the delivery and acceptance of goods and thus avoid possible disputes. But what exactly is behind this term and what advantages does it have?

Proof-of-delivery - the most important thing in the delivery process

Basically, a POD is a proof of delivery signed by the recipient of the goods or services. This can take the form of a signature on a delivery bill or an electronic confirmation. In addition, other details such as date, time and place of delivery can also be included. The POD is then returned to the client or digitally archived.

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Free software for winegrowers and farmers

Digitization has not stopped at farmers and winegrowers either. More and more farmers are using software to optimize their operations and increase efficiency. But unfortunately most commercial software offers are expensive and often require continuous payment. For small and medium-sized businesses, this is often not feasible. But there is an alternative – free software. This is free and allows winegrowers and farmers to manage their operations more efficiently.

Free software means that the source code is accessible and changeable. Often the software is further developed and improved by the community. This also makes it easier to use and integrate different devices and applications. Many free software providers offer support and training, so even less tech-savvy winemakers and farmers can benefit.

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