Additional contribution of the health insurance affects pension – a change from march 2022

The German pension insurance has announced an important change from March 2022: The additional contribution of the health insurance funds will then be counted more strongly than before on the pension. This has an impact on the amount of pension entitlements, but also on the contributions paid by insured persons in the statutory health insurance scheme. Millions of insured persons are affected by the change.
What exactly does the change mean and what impact will it have on the pension? In this article, we will summarize the most important facts so that you, as an insured or retiree, are well informed. We explain how the additional health insurance contribution affects your pension and what options you have to minimize its impact. We also address possible advantages and disadvantages and show alternatives resulting from the change.

New regulation from March: How the additional contribution of the health insurance affects the pension

From the 1. March a new regulation comes into force: the additional contribution of the health insurance now has an effect on the pension. What does this mean exactly and what should you know?

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Long-term care insurance – how to cover yourself

Long-term care insurance in Germany faces significant challenges due to rising costs and an aging population. According to estimates by the GKV-Spitzenverband, the deficit in statutory long-term care insurance will rise to as much as 70 billion euros by 2040. Private long-term care insurance policies are also struggling with rising premiums.

In order to protect themselves from the costs in the event of long-term care, consumers can provide for themselves. A daily care allowance or care costs insurance can reduce the financial burden in the event of care being required. It can also make sense to take out private supplementary long-term care insurance to close the gaps in coverage under the statutory long-term care insurance scheme.

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Can you even save money with a premium current account from commerzbank, postbank, hypovereinsbank and co?

The major banks in Germany often advertise their premium checking accounts, which offer numerous benefits such as free credit cards and a higher interest rate on the balance. But are these accounts really worth it and can they even help you save money??

To answer this question, we took a closer look at the offerings of Commerzbank, Postbank, HypoVereinsbank and other leading banks in the premium segment. We not only compared the monthly account management fees and the interest rates, but also the other benefits such as free items for transfers and cash withdrawals.

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Can i be insured as a soldier in the family insurance of my spouse?

In Germany, the statutory health insurance is the most important coverage in case of illness for many people. But what are the insurance options for soldiers in the armed forces?
Soldiers in the German Armed Forces are usually insured by the statutory health insurance of the German Armed Forces due to their activity. But what if the spouse has family insurance coverage? Can the soldier be insured in this insurance as well?
This article deals with the requirements that must be met for soldiers to be insured under their spouse’s family insurance plan and the special features that must be taken into account in this context.


If you are a soldier, you have many questions regarding your insurance matters. One of these questions is: “Can I insure myself as a soldier in the family insurance of my spouse??” This is an important question because it can have an impact on your family and health insurance coverage. In this article, we will address this question and highlight some important facts.

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Car insurance through opel bank

Car insurance is one of the most important insurances for motorists. Car insurance protects you in the event of an accident or other damage to the vehicle. Car insurance is often taken out when buying a car. But this insurance doesn’t always have to be purchased through the dealership when buying a car.

Opel Bank also offers car insurance for its customers. This is the so-called Opel car insurance. This insurance was created in cooperation with Barmenia Insurance. Opel Bank car insurance is characterized by low prices and great benefits.

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An expensive mistake: woman collects 5 million euros from insurance company for venereal disease

A woman catches an STD and receives compensation of 5 million euros from her insurance company for it. This may sound like an extraordinary event, but there are always cases where insurance companies have paid for such things.

An expensive mistake: woman collects 5 million euros from insurance company for venereal disease

The question, however, is what exactly happened in this case and what legal provisions led to the insurance company paying out the compensation to the person concerned. Is there a way to apply for such compensation if you suffer from an STD that you did not inflict on yourself?

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The bail rent deposit for private tenants

The rental deposit, also known as rental security, is an important factor when renting a home. It protects the landlord from financial damage caused by the tenant and gives the tenant peace of mind that he will get his money back at the end of the rental period. But what is the Kautel rent deposit and what advantages does it offer private tenants??
The Kautel rental deposit is an alternative to the traditional rental deposit that allows private tenants to save money and reduce their financial burden. Instead of paying a large sum as a security deposit, tenants pay a monthly fee to Kautel, which guarantees the tenant’s entire rental deposit.
But what advantages does the Kautel rental deposit offer compared to the traditional deposit? In addition to providing financial relief to the tenant, it also provides a quicker and easier start to the rental process, as no deposit amount needs to be raised. In addition, the Kautel rental deposit is suitable for people with poor credit who would otherwise have difficulty posting a traditional deposit.
In this article we will take a closer look at the security deposit and show you how you can benefit from it as a private tenant.

What is the security deposit?

The Kautel rental deposit is an alternative to the traditional rental deposit that makes it easier for private tenants to rent an apartment without having to pay a large deposit. The Kautel rental deposit is a paid service offered by various companies.

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