Over 100 years of experience in cleaning in cologne

Cologne is one of the largest cities in Germany and has a rich history and culture. There are countless buildings and landmarks that make the city a popular tourist destination. And all these buildings need to be cleaned regularly to stay clean and well maintained.

Our company has been providing professional building cleaning services in Cologne for over 100 years. We have a long tradition in this industry and pride ourselves on providing the highest quality and reliability to our customers.

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Calcium supplements found to be safe for arteries

Taking calcium supplements has been a topic of debate in recent years. Some studies suggested that increased intake of calcium could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, particularly hardening of the arteries. As a result, it has been recommended that people reduce or even avoid taking calcium supplements.

However, a new study from Sweden now provides new insights. Researchers examined the relationship between calcium supplements and the risk of arterial calcification and concluded that calcium supplements do not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Instead, calcium intake could actually reduce risk.

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Queen letizia’s sister expecting her second child!

The Spanish royal family has reason to rejoice: Telma Ortiz, the sister of Queen Letizia, is expecting her second child. Telma, 47, has been married to Spanish lawyer Robert Gavin Bonnar since 2018. The couple already has a son together.

Telma Ortiz is a well-known personality in Spain. A historian and journalist, she has her own column in a Spanish newspaper and is involved with several charities. She is also often seen alongside her sister Letizia at official events.

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Air purifiers: protection from allergies and viruses

Allergies and viruses can cause significant health problems. Especially indoors, where we often spend time, air quality is of great importance. An effective way to reduce potentially harmful allergens and viruses is to use air purifiers. But how exactly do they work and what advantages do they offer??

Air purifiers are technologically advanced devices that allow removal of particles in the air. They filter pollutants such as fine dust, bacteria, mold spores and pollen from the air. This has many advantages, especially for people suffering from allergies or respiratory diseases. In addition, air purifiers can help reduce airborne virus particles, which is especially important in times of pandemics.

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Man’s worst enemies: anxiety and stress

Anxiousness and stress are two emotions that everyone knows and often experiences. We often talk about being stressed or experiencing anxiety. In everyday life, these emotions are normal reactions to certain situations. But when they become constant companions in your life, they can be a severe burden. Anxiousness and stress can affect physical and mental health.

But what actually is anxiety? It shows up in a person in the form of worry, fear and uncertainty. Anxiousness can be a natural response to danger or threat, but it can also occur without cause and lead to life restriction. Anxiousness is often associated with stress.

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Corona – explained in an understandable way for children

The Corona pandemic has taken the world by storm, causing millions of cases worldwide. Although the disease mainly affects the elderly, children and young people also have an important role in spreading the disease. To address this crisis, we all need to have a better understanding of Corona and how to protect ourselves.
The spread of the virus and the restrictions that come with it can be confusing and scary for children. Therefore, it is important that we explain the pandemic to children in a way that they can understand. This article is written specifically for children and will explain what corona is, how it is spread and what they can do to protect themselves from the disease.
We will also provide some useful tips on how children can maintain their mental health during this difficult time and how to cope with the change in daily lifestyle. It is important to show our children that they are not alone and that this pandemic is a challenge for all of us that we can overcome together.

What is Corona?

Corona is a disease caused by a virus called SARS-CoV-2. It is a new variant of the coronavirus that was only discovered in late 2019. The virus spreads through droplet infection when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

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Long-term savings on veterinary costs despite increased fees

The cost of veterinary treatments can be high, and depending on how often you take your pet to the vet, these costs can add up quickly. In times of rising fees this can be a real challenge for pet owners. But there are ways to save money in the long run while still providing the best possible care for your beloved pet.

Prevention is an important consideration. Regular checkups and vaccinations can help to detect or even prevent possible diseases at an early stage. This saves not only costs in the long run, but also the use of expensive medications or interventions.

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Mental health despite work in the social sector

Working in the social sector often requires a lot of dedication and empathy. Employees regularly come into contact with stressful situations that can also affect their own mental health. But how can mental health be maintained despite these circumstances??

A healthy work-life balance, good team support and practicing self-care are some of the ways that can help maintain mental health, even in stressful work conditions like social work.

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Environmental alienation and its increasingly curious effects

Environmental alienation is a phenomenon that has been affecting the whole world for decades now. It is a process in which humans exploit and destroy nature and its resources to satisfy their needs. However, this alienation has increasingly strange and absurd consequences that endanger our planet and our future.

One of the most curious effects of environmental alienation is the pollution of the oceans with plastic. Every year millions of tons of plastic waste end up in the sea, damaging not only the environment but also our health. As a result, many marine animals are threatened and may die due to pollution.

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Hygiene regulations for your facility – here’s what you need to know!

Hygiene is an important factor for the success of your business. A lack of hygiene in your business can lead to customers being upset and filing complaints about physical ailments. This can have a serious financial impact on your business. For this reason, it is important that you as a business owner familiarize yourself with the relevant hygiene regulations.

Hygiene regulations are legal requirements that must be implemented in public facilities as well as in the food industry. They regulate the handling of food, the cleanliness of work surfaces and equipment, and the use of cleaning agents. Hygiene regulations also play an important role in other industries such as the healthcare industry or the cleaning industry.

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