Ex-afd member franziska schreiber

In recent years, the image of eastern Germany has changed significantly. With an increasing number of voters for right-wing populist parties like the Alternative for Germany (AfD), the east has often been called a bulwark of the right-wing. However, ex-AfD member Franziska Schreiber has been fighting this cliché since she left the party.

Schreiber notes that the legal situation in eastern Germany is no different than in the west. She explains that it is wrong to call all AfD voters and members Nazis. It is time to rethink and overcome prejudices and stereotypes towards people from the East.

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This is how far you work with us

Welcome to our company! We are pleased that you are interested in a career with us. We are a fast-growing company specializing in innovative technologies in the industry.

Our team is made up of talented and motivated professionals who share our vision. We offer a work environment that is collaborative and mutually supportive. We ensure that all employees acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve their professional goals.

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Commanded and trained through dog life?

Is it right to train and control dogs? Despite the myth of the obedient and loyal pet, many dog owners are concerned about the way they teach their furry friends to behave.

Some argue that the practices of training and controlling suppress and distort the dog’s personality. Others claim that clear guidance and set rules are the key to developing a well-behaved and happy dog.

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Equality in parenting: why fathers play an important role here

In today’s society, it is about equality – equal rights and opportunities for women and men in all areas of life. However, this demand does not only apply to adults, but also to children.

It is well known that upbringing in the family plays a major role. Parents shape their children and significantly influence their worldview and behavior. Therefore, equal parenting that does not reproduce gender stereotypes is of great importance.

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