What is the iban on credit cards and what is it needed for?

The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a unique identifier for bank accounts used in many countries around the world. It consists of a combination of numbers and letters and allows you to transfer money faster and more securely.

What is the iban on credit cards and what is it needed for?

But what is the IBAN doing on a credit card?? There is a simple explanation for this: many credit cards are issued by banks and are closely linked to a bank account. The IBAN on credit cards is used to identify the bank account from which credit card payments are debited.

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Additional contribution of the health insurance affects pension – a change from march 2022

The German pension insurance has announced an important change from March 2022: The additional contribution of the health insurance funds will then be counted more strongly than before on the pension. This has an impact on the amount of pension entitlements, but also on the contributions paid by insured persons in the statutory health insurance scheme. Millions of insured persons are affected by the change.
What exactly does the change mean and what impact will it have on the pension? In this article, we will summarize the most important facts so that you, as an insured or retiree, are well informed. We explain how the additional health insurance contribution affects your pension and what options you have to minimize its impact. We also address possible advantages and disadvantages and show alternatives resulting from the change.

New regulation from March: How the additional contribution of the health insurance affects the pension

From the 1. March a new regulation comes into force: the additional contribution of the health insurance now has an effect on the pension. What does this mean exactly and what should you know?

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Credit rejection: what to do if no credit is granted?

A loan can help overcome financial difficulties or make major purchases in many cases. But what if the bank rejects the loan application?

This can be for a variety of reasons, such as a poor credit rating, too much debt, or an open-ended employment relationship. However, a loan rejection can be very frustrating and sometimes lead to problems.

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Over 100 years of experience in cleaning in cologne

Cologne is one of the largest cities in Germany and has a rich history and culture. There are countless buildings and landmarks that make the city a popular tourist destination. And all these buildings need to be cleaned regularly to stay clean and well maintained.

Our company has been providing professional building cleaning services in Cologne for over 100 years. We have a long tradition in this industry and pride ourselves on providing the highest quality and reliability to our customers.

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Calcium supplements found to be safe for arteries

Taking calcium supplements has been a topic of debate in recent years. Some studies suggested that increased intake of calcium could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, particularly hardening of the arteries. As a result, it has been recommended that people reduce or even avoid taking calcium supplements.

However, a new study from Sweden now provides new insights. Researchers examined the relationship between calcium supplements and the risk of arterial calcification and concluded that calcium supplements do not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Instead, calcium intake could actually reduce risk.

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New app for safe driving in europe

The development of technologies that make driving safer is advancing at an unstoppable pace. A new app now available in Europe promises to make driving on our roads even safer.

The app, developed by a team of experts, uses cutting-edge algorithms and technology to help drivers better navigate Europe’s roads. With this tool, drivers can not only reach their destination faster, but also avoid accidents and improve their driving style. The app offers an intuitive and simple user interface that any driver can easily understand.

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3 Ways to finance modernization

Modern technologies are often the key to increasing efficiency and reducing costs in the business. However, implementing new technologies usually requires an investment in upgrading existing systems. If you are a business owner facing this problem, you should consider how to obtain the necessary financing.
There are many ways to finance the modernization of your business. Here are three of the most common options:

1. Bank loans: one way to finance modernization is to ask your bank for a loan. Many banks offer special loans for small and medium-sized businesses, designed to finance investments in modernization.

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The different types of credit explained

Credit is an important part of the financial system. People use loans to make large investments or expenditures that they cannot immediately pay for out of pocket. However, there are different types of loans that have different terms, interest rates and repayment schedules.
Some of the most commonly used loans are mortgage loans, car loans, student loans and personal loans. Each of these loans has specific requirements and conditions set by the lenders. It’s important to know the differences between the various types of loans to find the best possible option for your specific financial situation.
In this article, we will take a closer look at the different types of loans and explain their advantages and disadvantages. Whether you need a loan for a house, a car, education or general financing, this article will help you make the right decision and understand the risks and opportunities.

The different types of loans explained: installment loans

An installment loan is a form of consumer credit in which a borrower receives a loan from a lender and repays it in installments. In this case, the monthly installment is fixed and consists of a repayment and an interest portion. Installment loans are often used for larger purchases such as cars or furniture.

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Long-term care insurance – how to cover yourself

Long-term care insurance in Germany faces significant challenges due to rising costs and an aging population. According to estimates by the GKV-Spitzenverband, the deficit in statutory long-term care insurance will rise to as much as 70 billion euros by 2040. Private long-term care insurance policies are also struggling with rising premiums.

In order to protect themselves from the costs in the event of long-term care, consumers can provide for themselves. A daily care allowance or care costs insurance can reduce the financial burden in the event of care being required. It can also make sense to take out private supplementary long-term care insurance to close the gaps in coverage under the statutory long-term care insurance scheme.

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Christian lindner wants a return to the debt brake: the poorest should pay for it

Christian Lindner, the leader of the FDP, recently proposed that Germany return to a debt brake to limit government debt, but not everyone agrees with his idea. Some critics claim that the debt brake will burden the poor and that it is the wrong way to stimulate the economy.

Lindner says states should respect debt brake and do their best to balance budget. However, there has been criticism that this would be done through budget cuts that could mainly burden the poor.

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