Top twenty reasons to attend the Ghost town writers retreat today

1- Every full membership gets a copy of the conference book, and Mile High Writers Guide

2- Every full membership gets an attendee gift bag
3- Georgetown Colorado is one of the most preserved historical sites in the nation with a unique feel
4- Every Full Membership includes admission to the grill and greet with Bison and vegetarian option
5- Don D’ Auria is one of the top horror editor of the past 30 years with over 500 books published, and will be helping attendees all weekend
6- Steam train rides through the Rockies with a mine tour.
7- Editor and agent pitch sessions
8- If you opt for double occupancy rooming, the entire conference and lodging will cost you less then just admission at many similar events.
9- Tuition and lodging for a recent retreat with Award winning author Stephen Graham Jones went for $3500. He will be with us all weekend.
10- Our attendance is capped at 150 to insure an intimate event- tickets are limited
11- Learn book marketing tips form multiple successful pros
12- There is a store with 150 types of beef jerky in Georgetown
13- Companionship of other dark genre writers
14- Attendees get to vote on programming
15- The opportunity to have Guest of honor Brian Keene bartend with his favorite bourbon, and talk stories about the business
16- Our tributes to Colorado authors of the past including Hunter S. Thompson, Ed Bryant, and post humous Guest of Honor Thomas Picirilli.

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