Programming details round 2

Here is the first part of round 2 of programming and event descriptions
Steampunk Worlds: Do I Have to Set My Book in Victorian London?
Join Shelley Adina and Mario Acevedo for a discussion of steampunk and alt-history world-building in places other than the crowded London of Queen Victoria. While this is a popular setting, it’s not the only one. What would steampunk look like in 19th-century India or Africa without the British Empire? What do South Asian writers think it looks like? Can we write the Weird West without colonialism lurking in the background? A journey to the horizons of our imaginations awaits!
Steampunk Library: Where Did All These Books Come From and Where Does Mine Fit?
Lots of readers have never heard of steampunk, but they’re familiar with Frankenstein, with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the books of Jules Verne. Join Shelley Adina to compare notes about how steampunk fits into the gothic tradition and its focus on and value in creating emotion in the reader. What books do this best? What can writers today take from those who have gone before? How can we put a fresh twist on our own work? What has the female sensibility brought to the table, especially in the work of Cherie Priest, Gail Carriger, and Lindsay Buroker? Let’s decide together on the essential steampunk library, and make our own books part of it!
An Intimate Moment with Stephen Graham Jones
We dim the lights, and play soft music for a no holds barred Question and answer with the author of Mongrels, and Flushboy. Pajamas and bix wine optional
Writing the Insane and Demented
Our Panel discusses how to get in, and out of damaged characters without staying there yourself. We will site examples from fiction, and select case studies
Most Twisted Writer Championship
Writers attempt to produce the most disturbing tale in 10 minutes, and our judges pick the winner. The champion gets mentioned in the following years program, and gets to drink form the skull of glory at the closing ceremonies.
Creature design challenge- improbable yet possible
After an introduction to creature design concepts, and rules, you will work with your team to create the most original creature. The winning team gets special pins for their badges, and mentioned in the following years program
Supernatural World building
Get ideas on creating lively and layered stories by choosing the use of magic, and the supernatural in your world. our panel will discuss methods, and examples
Introduction to the Fate Core system for writers
The Fate core system is the gold standard in RPGs that keep the rules out of the way of story. It can be used as both a tool in collaboration, and enriching supporting characters
Game Night RPG 1: Spores and Stores
Fallout, and spores from the impact of an alien device have begun to alter man and beast. desperate strangers find them selves seeking shelter in a shopping mall. This game uses the fate core system, experience is not required to play.

Ghost Tour
Experience the haunted past and seedy underbelly of old Georgetown, one of the most haunted towns in Colorado. Jilted lovers, whorehouse madams, lynched scallywags, unfortunate miners, titans of industry, and many others, all haunt the quaint mountain town.

Live Music
Plume Varia, a noted darkwave band from Denver, will be playing for your entertainment at Alpine Restaurant and Bar . They will have their new album, Fact|Fiction, produced by David J of Bauhaus, for purchase. Free admission.


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